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The Inspiramais program stands out for having three fundamental pillars: design, innovation and sustainability as main points directed to the fashion chain. Its purpose is to facilitate the meeting of material producers with product developers. Consumer behavior research based on the global context ratifies the inspirations that are decoded into more assertive products to generate business from the beginning of the process – materials – to the finished product. This combination of advanced research and its practice within materials companies has revolutionized Brazilian fashion in recent years. And we feel ready to spread these results globally.



For the materials we have an ambitious goal to fulfill every semester, which is to inspire, produce and sell materials for all the fashion sectors that are they: clothing, footwear and accessories, furniture, jewelry, pet and automobile.
The materials are always connected with design, innovation and sustainability.
Each season hundreds of materials are developed from a consumer behavior research, which is applied within companies, from a group of design managers, who collaborate to create materials aimed at the fashion industry.

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